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Why we are building Flow Collective.

There are millions of jersey apparel brands out there. It seems every rider under 30 has an apparel brand now. 

My name is Chris, I'm under 30, and I founded Flow Collective. Why? 

It's a ton of fun.

However, our vision is more significant than that, and our approach is unique. 


Objective number one: to give value back to the artist. During COVID it became abundantly clear that creatives and artists need to be appreciated more. The current model for, say, FOX, is to hire a designer, pay them and have them design something that fits FOX's brand guidelines. 


That's ok, but it is a bland experience, and the outcome is boring jersey.  


Our model is to work with the artist and the 'collective' (that's you) to design a jersey that represents the artist and has been voted for by you. 


We pay the artist upfront and include royalties from every sale. 


Objective number two: to be a collective. This one is a little personal. Lockdown was a lonely time. Riding alone is fun now and again, but only by choice. Being forced into it, I realised the importance of community in everything. 

The options for community online seemed limited by huge Facebook groups open to a wave of trolls and negativity. 


We wanted to build a community that allows people to expand their network of riders. So we chose discord (a gamble because only some have this app), but it does offer the middle ground between the local bike club and an unfriendly Facebook group. 


We can make friends here. A WhatsApp-style chat full of all your mates from around the world who love bikes. Comfortable sharing a quick picture from your latest ride without worrying about what people think.


Summary: Flow Collective is trying to be different because that's what we need now.

This is a passion with goals that are personal to me. It's not about profit. If you share our vision to support artists and build a creative community in MTB. Then we welcome you with open arms.