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An honest reflection of improvements - To be the greatest jersey apparel brand.

Our jerseys are for you.

Our mission: To be the best.

This is why we need to know if we did a good job.

You took a risk purchasing from a new upcoming brand. We love you for that, but we must ensure you are happy.

We will update this page continually. Serving as a reflection on improvements required/made. This will be honest. This will be our space to brainstorm on our mission to be the best. 

1) Arm length - Reach over the handle bars is an important variable to arm length(i know of course!) We extended the length, but more extension is needed. 

2) Material - Micro-mesh is incredibly comfortable and showcases the design well. Polyester blend is tough, but we must continually strive for durability here though. 

3) Logo - In future logos will be incorporated into the design. We will lose the silicon heat pressed logo. Suggestion: high quality logo tag?

4) Inner tag - This need to be minimised as much as possible. Heat pressed silicon works well here. Needs washing instructions included.  


Good points: Seams are extremely strong. Material is super soft and comfortable. Probs the comfiest jersey ive ever worn.  Designs are stunning in colour.