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Coding the Trails: Exploring the benefits of building a mountain bike specific AI called 'Gary'.

Gary - our mountain bike AI. 

The year is 2023. The word AI is inescapable. For better or worse, we are approaching it with an open mind. 

Getting out on my bike seems more critical than ever with all these war headlines and new social media and technology frontiers. Sometimes a nice ride through the forest is a breath of fresh air. So the idea of bringing AI and screen time into that indeed splits opinions. 

 crowd anger GIF by South Park


Our mission is to enhance mountain biking by creating the most fun and engaging online community in the sport. We want to inspire mountain bikers and give them access to the best resources to do that. 


Our AI chatbot 'Gary' is born, named in tribute to Gary Fisher. 


Ask 'Gary' for the best tips and tricks for learning new mountain bike skills. Gary will collate the best advice, share youtube videos and link to any futher sources. 


Ask him for maintenance tips or the best components for your specific bike. 


Our favourite. Ask Gary for route suggestions. Gary will link with stravas API and ask questions based on skill and preferred riding styles and locations. And he will suggest and share map routes. 


Even ask him to plan a three-day itinerary with advice on where to stay and eat. He will share it al, including the best routes available. See more about our AI implementation planner HERE:


These are just scratching the surface of how having a mountain bike AI can assist your adventures. 


The big brains are specialised etc etc are already working hard to implement AI straight into the bike. Imagine the next E-bike full suspension that uses sensors and AI to adjust your suspension on the fly. 


However, our goal is to enhance the mountain bike community with this. 


At Flow Collective, we intend to pool our collective resources and knowledge and build this. 


What do you think?


Can AI benefit your riding?