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Why did a trading card come with my jersey?

No, this isn't a 1980's timewarp to the playground, and we aren't trying to be the next Pokemon. 


The short answer is: We wanted each jersey to make you feel unique when riding it. Therefore, we limited the numbers of every design to varying rarities. 


Each 'authentication' card is a way to prove you own one of the limited designs. 


But we also wanted fun with it (no boring authentication certificates here). 


There are a bunch of different designs, each showcasing the artist's work.

In addition, we mixed in some rare designs and reward cards (eligible for a free jersey etc). 


Keep hold of them! (we aren't saying keep them in your wallet, but the bottom of the sock draw might be a good place for it). As our brand grows, we will reward those who were early adopters of our brand. So if you build a collection of these, ill give you the jersey off my back. 


Love from Flow,