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We asked AI what the next advancement in MTB is. It's got us a little worried.

Yo, AI what's the next advancement in MTB? OK, now we are worried.

AI prompt: What do you think will be the next innovation in mountain bike technology. (Majorly shortened to get our point across).

Already, we've seen the emergence of electronically controlled suspension systems, such as Fox Live Valve and RockShox's Brain technology, which can adjust the suspension on the fly to optimize performance. But we can expect further advances in this area, with the development of more sophisticated algorithms and sensors to provide even greater control and customization.

We can also expect to see continued progress in the realm of electronics and sensors. From power meters to GPS navigation systems, technology is already playing an important role in mountain biking. But we can expect to see even more sophisticated and integrated systems in the future, which will allow riders to track and optimize their performance in real-time.

Additionally, we may see the development of more powerful motorsthat can better adapt to different terrain and riding styles. Improved integration and connectivity are also likely to play a role, with features like automatic gear shifting and real-time ride data becoming more common.

Our thoughts: 

Fuck. Are we continually moving the yardstick here to some trail eating machine. Is that what mountain biking is?

At what point do we say 'fuck it' and buy a rigid klunker bike and get back to the basics.

*pauses while i ask myself, am i getting old?*

The reason we mountain bike is hard to explain, but efficiency isn't the answer.

There is only so much smoothing over the trail you want to do. We already removed the need to be fit with E-bikes (haters gonna hate).

Whats next, lane assist? 

You know what was a good invention. The dropper. I believe that was the last good invention that will ever come to mountain biking. Ok yes, I'm defo getting old. 


Extra lil treat. We asked AI to design us the mountain bike of the future. Thoughts?

And here is: 'Santa in bicycle race with reindeer'.